I do not charge by the hour because Time is an Illusion.  My consultation fees are based upon the details of the project and the desired outcome.  I know of “Life Coaches” who charge $200.00 per hour and others who charge $600.00 per hour and a few who even charge $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 per hour… But this is merely a reflection of how they choose to measure their efforts.

I prefer to measure results… one approach is not better than another, they are merely different. The reality is that if you meet with me and get ideas, information, strategies and connections that help advance you forward with your life, relationship and business, then our time spent together is priceless.

How much would you pay for the opportunity to meet with a person who has the life experience and strategies to help you accomplish your goals and dreams faster?  How much would it be worth to work closely with a person who can provide you with insight, knowledge and strategies which might help you save your marriage?

If your marriage is in trouble, have you stopped to consider how much a divorce will actually cost you? Not just in terms of money, but in the form of your relationship with your children, family and friends… Let alone the value of your time and the years it is going to take to recover from the fallout which is created by divorce.

And what would it be worth to actually be mentally and emotionally ready to engage in a healthy relationship when the right person comes along?

It is important to ponder these questions because without an understanding of the value of what you hope to accomplish, you might not appreciate the value of your accomplishments which you achieve them.

As far as the cost of our first encounter goes, that is free.  It is my gift to you because how else are we supposed to determine if our time spent together will be mutually beneficial.  I can’t exactly charge you to determine whether my talents are well-suited to your particular situation, now can I?

Please add me to Skype as BoldSuccess and indicate that you are seeking an appointment for a consultation when doing so and Contact Me for an appointment. Be sure to Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

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