So I’m standing in front of the mirror shaving this morning when I happen to notice a rather distinct patch of grey hair at the base of my short sideburns.  Surprisingly my first thought was not “What’s the best grey hair coloring for men?” as it would have been a few years ago… no, my first thought was “Hey that looks kind of distinguished!” (more…)

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It seems like nobody wants to accept personal responsibility for their own actions any more, perhaps they never did. But in the spirit of not taking personal responsibility for my own actions, I’m blaming the Easter Bunny for all of the poor dietary choices which I made yesterday and for the way that my body is feeling this morning. I feel like crap and somebody is going to have to pay the price… probably me, because my dog chased off the  Easter Bunny and that little rascal is nowhere to be found. (more…)

Besides being the subject of today’s blog post, they all exist and command powerful recognition throughout society and time simply because people believe in them. Whether you choose to believe in Jesus Christ, the Easter Bunny or Adolf Hitler is not the point of this blog post, so let’s not get into a philosophical debate about these three entities. I am merely using these three examples of influential figures, or figurines if you prefer, to demonstrate the power of belief. (more…)

Look at the Bright SideOn February 1st of 2004, I lost a daughter to a rare bone marrow disease known as Fanconi’s (aplastic) Anemia. She died at home, surrounded by her loving family, as we pushed her over the edge with one morphine cocktail after another to ease her transition into the afterlife. At the time, it was one of the most difficult things I had ever had to experience. Fifteen months later to the day, my wife killed herself as a result, the difference in how we coped with Niki’s death and ultimately whether we survived it, came down to a difference of perspective. (more…)

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Gratitude is an Attitude, embracing the Attitude of GratitudeWhat are you grateful for today? I ask this of almost every person who I meet with who claims to suffer from depression, the most common response is either a blank stare or simply “Nothing, I have nothing to be grateful for”.  Let’s try again, look at the picture to the left and tell me, what could you be grateful for if you wanted to be grateful for something? (more…)

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Time is an IllusionHickory Dickory Dock, you’ve been Brainwashed by the Clock, the Clock Struck One it’s the End of Fun, Hickory Dickory Dock!

Do you ever worry about not having enough time. What if I could set you free?  Would you take the time to read this article if it were possible to live beyond the constraints of time?

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My Life My RulesWhat rules govern your enjoyment of life? Have you ever stopped to actually think about it?  Do the rules which you live by make sense? Or are they merely antiquated ideas which were stuffed into your head during childhood with the best of intentions? (more…)

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It's a Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodGood morning friends! It’s a beautiful rainy day here in Oregon, but it’s bright and shiny within the interpretation created by my mind because I focus on the beauty of the contrast crated by the clouds, the beauty of the clouds themselves, the depth of color, the clean scent created by the rain, the cool breeze which tickles my senses. What we choose to focus upon defines the nature of our experience, which in turn either reinforces an old belief structure or serves to plant the seed from which a new belief structure might grow. (more…)

Courtesy of "mbennz" on Instagram.

Courtesy of @mbennz on Instagram.

Things people say in an effort to comfort us when we are stressed or feeling down, such as “It is always darkest before the dawn” are intended to make us feel better… to make us “see the light” and realize that whatever darkness we are experiencing at the moment “that this too shall pass” but more often than not, these well intended catch phrases have the unintended effect of causing us to spiral further down the rabbit hole of our self-imposed misery. (more…)

Is it truly possible to improve your chances of acing your next job interview by spending just two minutes preparing for it? Quite possibly according to the findings of Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy, an Associate Professor at the Harvard Business School, who has discovered a correlation between a person’s body language and whether they get hired or not. (more…)